Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction

Address: Titanic Museum Attraction, Branson, 3235 W 76 Country Blvd, 65616
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There Are Always Reasons to Visit our Titanic Museum Ship!  In 1987 - Thirty Years Ago the owner of the Titanic Museum Attraction, John Joslyn, co-led a Titanic expedition. The team spent 44 days at sea, and they did 32 dives to the Titanic. Today, as owners of the Titanic Museum Attraction for 11 years, our hearts have been given to the ship. We thank our crew for being part of this Titanic family, and for the compassionate and caring ways they interact with our valued guests. Facts about the Titanic Museum Attraction: The Grand Staircase was built actual size from the blue prints. It cost over a million dollars to build the Grand Staircase. You'll be able to walk the Grand Staircase. Over 400 REAL Artifacts are on display. Our Guests can play our Titanic Baby Grand Piano. You can touch the 28 degree water. And touch a growing iceberg. KIDS enjoy the Titanic. They are our Future Titanic Storytellers! We have many interactive areas for them. They recieve their own Boarding Pass of a real child passenger. You will enter as our guest and leave as a Titanic Passenger. 


Located in the heart of Branson's theater district at the corner of 76 Country Blvd and Hwy 165.

Hours of Operation

Closed Jan. 7-9, 2019
Hours of Operation vary. 
Jan. 1-Feb. 28 Open 9am-5pm on Sat.& Sun.  Weekdays typically 10am-4pm.  Open 9am-6pm Feb. 14-16, 2019.

Mar. 1-May 31 Open 9am.  Closing times vary

June 1-June 29 open 9am-9pm
June 30-Aug 5 open 9am-10pm
Aug 6-Aug 12 open 9am-9pm
Aug 13-Aug 17 open 9am-8pm
Aug 18-Aug 19 open 9am-9pm
Aug 20-Aug 24 open 9am-8pm
Aug 25-Aug 26 open 9am-9pm
Aug 27-Aug 31 open 9am-7pm
Sept 1 open 9am-8pm
Sep 2-Sept 3 open 9am-9pm
Sept 4-Sept 28 open 9am-7pm (Sun-Thur)
Sept 8-Sept 30 open 9am-7pm (Fri & Sat)
Oct 1-Oct 12 open 9am-8pm (Sun-Thur)
Oct 6-Oct 7 open 9am-9pm (Fri & Sat)
Oct 13-Oct 14 open 9am-9pm (Fri & Sat)
Oct 15-Oct 30 open 9am-7pm
Oct 31 open 9am-5pm
Nov 1-Nov 30* open 9am-7pm (Sun-Thur)
Nov 24-Nov 25 open 9am-9pm
Hours greatly vary in Dec.  Please call for more info.

Hours vary based on time of season and are subject to change.